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At the Berkshire School of Etiquette & Business Protocol individuals are empowered with the knowledge and skills of contemporary etiquette & business protocol to take action with confidence, in a spirit of cooperation and awareness of others, every day in every way.  Throughout life, we, as children and adults, grow and develop when we encounter opportunities and face challenges in our interactions.  In an ever-changing world, driven by more technology and less face-to-face interaction, we are called upon to act with civility and respect at home, in school and in the workplace.  By understanding and engaging in contemporary etiquette and business protocol, you enhance all your relationships, both personal and professional.  

Parents, as two-income wage earners, have less time to teach and instill good manners in children.  Our schools and communities continually seek ways to enhance character development to increase civility, respect and make every effort to eradicate bullying.

Business and corporations seek ways to gain a competitive edge in a global economy, polish new hires and enhance the executive presence of leaders to increase productivity, encourage cooperation among employees and customers and to enhance profitability and business relationships. 

Suzanne Bates, Best Selling Author, "All The Leader You Can Be" states: 

We encourage leaders to become well acquainted with executive manners and behaviors. Knowing how to comport yourself in every situation is another indication of your suitability and readiness for senior roles.  In the "C-suite, protocol is rarely discussed but always noticed. Many a story has been told of CEOs taking prospective new hires to golf, dinner, or a social event, only to decide by the way they comported themselves that they weren't suitable for the job."

Restaurants and private clubs seek to maximize wait staff service and professional presence with etiquette training resulting in stellar customer experiences and increased revenue.

As a professionally trained, certified etiquette and protocol expert, I customize programs and workshop for adults, children, businesses, corporations, private and public schools, and clubs and restaurants.  I strongly believe that caring courtesy goes a long way in career advancement, corporate profitability and creating caring communities and schools.   

Berkshire School of Etiquette & Business Protocol equates etiquette

with leadership, empowerment, respect for self and respect for others.  

Become your personal and professional BEST with us!

Diane Massey, President & Founder

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