Founded by Diane Massey, the Berkshire School of Etiquette & Business Protocol is proud to serve the Northeast and beyond with a collection of lessons, workshops, and special events focused on contemporary protocol and etiquette for corporations, businesses, private clubs, individuals and wait staff.

Diane is a graduate of the prestigious American School of Protocol in Atlanta, Georgia where she received professional training earning Certification in Corporate, Business and Children's Etiquette.  Her clients have included the University of Hartford, The Town & County Club of Hartford, Greylock Insurance, MicroCare, United Therapeutics, Western New England School of Law, The Kemble Inn, Berkshire Community College, the Girl Scouts, UCONN School of Law, the Massachusetts Center for Human Development, private families and more. She holds a BA in Business Administration, graduating Cum Laude.  For many years, she held executive level positions for non-profit education and arts organizations having served as chief development officer and fundraiser, executive director of two family foundations, and for a decade was a top-ranked real estate broker.

Diane has also served on numerous boards of directors throughout her career in the capacity of strategic planning, program development and event management.

Diane started the Berkshire School of Etiquette & Business Protocol because of her passionate desire to empower individuals with enhanced interpersonal skills that build confidence.  Etiquette and civility training enriches your life, enhances communities at large and elevates a company's reputation internally and externally.  It guides you toward a level of comfort so that you can concentrate on what’s really important in the moment – feeling good about yourself in a challenging situation, engaging in meaningful conversation, leveraging business relationships and creating a positive impression.  

“You are never too young to start and never too old to learn new skills that will build knowledge and confidence, enhance your presence, and improve your life.”

Diane Massey, President & Founder