The Power of Professional Presence Training 


  • Self-Presentation - Radiate Confidence and focus on what matters most “building relationships”.

  • Networking - It's Not all About You - Leveraging socials skills to building business relationships .

  • Dining Etiquette - Leave a lasting impression & feel confident in in business or personal dining experiences.

  • Professional Dress for Men & Women

  • Business Lunch Strategies for Maximum Client Impact

  • The Details are in Your Delivery - Stationery Wardrobe, Email, Telephone & Social Media Etiquette

Develop and learn strategies to connect, cultivate and create lasting relationships, radiate confidence, achieve success and gain a competitive edge personally and professionally through business etiquette. Learn the four main traits that are essential for you to project in order to perform well in any industry.

At a recent client training session, Sharon MacPherson, AVP Operations, Greylock Insurance expressed the following: 

"Our agency recently invited Diane in to help us with our Networking skills. The group that attended the session was comprised of seasoned sales people, agency officers and some new to management and sales. Diane was able to reignite a mission and passion in our seasoned staff and introduce the importance of these skills to those newer to the concept. Through a series of simple reminders, tools for handling difficult situations and a hands on approach, we each left feeling more confident and empowered. We are looking forward to sharing our triumphs and watching our agency grow through enhanced networking! Thank you Diane!"

At a corporate annual meeting for executives, read what Ms. Zhang & Ms. Swan, Directors at United Therapeutics, shared about their one-day training in Miami, Florida:

“Today Etiquette has an array of implications not only in our professional careers but in our personal lives as well.  The what, when, how, and why becomes more about doing the right thing than the fear of committing an ultimate faux pas! Berkshire School of Etiquette’s one day of training was jam packed with instruction, guidance, demonstration, and hands on activities that our team was able to incorporate immediately.   Diane delivered content within the timeframe allotted and was able to manage time efficiently even when faced with a few technical issues and unexpected challenges.

I believe the greatest surprise from the session was that no matter how well refined one thinks they are, there is always something new to learn.  Diane was able to provide guidance in such a way that no one felt embarrassed or inadequate for the things they did not know. From basic introductions, icebreaking, business dress, and then to fine dining, we learned how to put our best foot forward as well as how to place our fork and knife when finished!  

The curriculum and teaching style was well received by all who participated and this truly was one of the highlights or our MSL 2018 event”

A full, half day or individual training modules available. Dining Etiquette module includes a four or five-course dining experience. 

Breakout sessions are comprehensive and engaging and include:

  • Self-Presentation

  • Shaking Hands

  • Introductions

  • Remembering Names

  • Posture and Stance for Women & Men

  • Common Courtesies (where to stand, walk, etc.)

  • Communication Styles

  • A Professional's Code

  • Listening and Conversation Tips

  • Effective Networking

  • Dining Skills (American vs. Continental)

  • Dining Out & The Business Power Lunch: TIps on Ordering Seating, Paying & Tipping

  • Women and Men's Professional Attire (Corporate and Business Casual)

  • What your Attire and Accessories Communicate About You

  • Thank-You Notes and Personal Letters

  • Business Stationery for Men & Women

  • Telephone | Email | Social Media Etiquette

The Power of Professional Presence is a training experience that will enable you to become your personal best and is conducted in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Samkle STRUCTURE OF a full DAY

8:45 - 9:00 Coffee


Self-Presentation - Radiate Confidence!  Deliver a Memorable First Impression!

Business & Personal Stationery Wardrobe


Effective Networking Competencies

9:00 to 11:45 a.m.  


Dining Etiquette & Business Lunch Strategies

(participants enjoy a five-course lunch while actively engaged in learning dining etiquette)

12 noon to 2:00 p.m.


Professional Wardrobe for Men & Women

2:00 - 3:45p.m.

3:45 Wrap-Up


Corporate Workshops and/or Keynote Topics

1- or 2-hour sessions Include:

Dining Etiquette

The Place setting, Napkin, Understanding Utensils, Styles of Dining, Table Protocol, and Unwanted Food.

Business Power Lunch STRATEGIES

Effective Planning, Strategies, Power Seat, Alcohol, Menu, Tipping, Ordering, and Quick Tips. 

Telephone and Email Etiquette

Attitude, Voice, Attention to Detail, Answering and Making the Call, The Angry Call, Customer Service, and Smart Phone Etiquette.

Tech Netiquette, E-Mail Etiquette, Salutations, Signatures, Abbreviations, Privacy, Threads, and Flames.    

Effective Networking COMPETENCIES

Cocktail Parties, Networking Events, Remember Names, Listening Skills and Conversations, and Do's & Don'ts.

Berkshire School of Etiquette & Business Protocol - Practices & Policies for Engagement

Prior to any seminar, workshop or keynote:

·      A meeting and/or conference call are set up to align instruction with the business culture and expected outcomes. 

·      Each participant receives a Berkshire School of Etiquette & Business Protocol comprehensive seminar training packet.

·      The seminar cost is determined by the number of participants, the length of the engagement, travel distance, meeting set up and dining costs. 

·      Each client receives a written proposal and Professional Performance Agreement.

·      Project completion with invoice & participant feedback.