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Dining Etiquette & Social GRaces

Boys & Girls
In an ever-changing world, the Berkshire School of Etiquette & Business Protocol guides children and young adults to feel better about themselves and believe in who they are and what they want to become.  Through unique, hands-on lessons, individuals feel a sense of accomplishment and develop leadership skills.  The Dining & Social Graces Program is designed to empower individuals with people skills, respect and awareness of others, and good manners, preparing them to act with poise and confidence, building upon their strengths, allowing their personalities to shine!   The program is scheduled on an as needed basis. Please call to express interest and place your child(ren) on a wait list.  


Social Etiquette:  Children want to feel confident and at ease in social situations. Understanding the power of a smile, eye contact, a firm handshake, manners, and helping behaviors are basic life-long lessons. 


Communication Skills:  Understanding and developing the skills for effective communication builds self-esteem and leadership. Children in the program develop conversational skills, learn telephone and thank you note etiquette, public speaking, and the use of please, thank you, and excuse me.

Dining Decorum:  Good manners and dining skills do not come naturally. They are disciplines, that once learned and applied, prepare children for any dining experience.

Children's Etiquette Certification

Three or Six Week Course . . .         One or TWO Hour Per Week!

Through repetition, reviewing and building upon each lesson from the week before, children will learn and feel comfortable with:  

  • Proper Introductions

  • Shaking Hands while Looking Someone in the Eye

  • Listening, Conversation Skills, & Remembering Names

  • Writing Thank You Notes

  • Telephone Manners

  • Awareness Training

  • Self Presentation

  • Dining Etiquette

Dining together has a set of rules like everything else we participate in. Gathering at the table is the perfect setting to learn social skills and dining decorum to last a lifetime.

Course Format

Week 1: The Knife & Napkin & Passing

Week 2: The Spoon - Soup & Dessert

Week 3: The Fork & Table Setting

American vs. Continental Dining

Week 4: Pizza Day & Thank You Notes

Week 5: Five-Course Dinner – The Crescendo!

  • Lessons build each week to prepare the children for a five-course dining experience at an upscale restaurant.

Week 6: Parent/Student Wrap-Up

Parents and students gather to review what the children have learned. By being thoroughly engaged throughout the process, the children blossom with their newfound knowledge. All students graduate with a Certificate of Accomplishment!  Fees range from $250 to $350 depending upon age group and duration of program.


Workshops are also offered to children on site at day care facilities, libraries, country clubs, houses of worship, and more. Customized programs are also offered for clubs and organizations such as the Girl Scout Organization.