The Berkshire School of Etiquette & Business Protocol offerS PROGRAMS & WORKSHOPS

1.  Character Education for Young Children (3, 4 & 5 year olds and Elementary Age Children) - An enrichment, train the trainer curriculum*, developed in a series of lessons written to train the teacher and educate the child.  Confidence and social skills, developed at an early age, will impact children throughout their lives.  By integrating a life skills, character education program into the school environment, the way children treat one another improves.  Lessons address developing a caring attitude and the consequences of bullying.  Self-awareness and awareness of others promotes respect and caring courtesy.  While academics is at the core for all school-aged children, life skills and respect for others is the foundation for civility in classrooms, communities, our country and the world. 

The Character Education for Young Children Program offers lessons outlining goals, activity handouts and homework assignments that are taught and integrated into daily classroom activities.  Each lesson fits into a 40 to 50-minute class period.  Teacher input and creativity will enhance the experience for the students.  The Berkshire School of Etiquette & Business Protocol offers a train the trainer consult with administrators and teachers prior to the initial implementation of the program.  For more information contact the Diane Massey, Director & Founder.  

2.  Magnificent Manners, Rave Reviews for Respect, or Developing Dining Etiquette (for Elementary Age Children) - One-time workshops taught in after school programs, structured for in-school assemblies, evening assembly for parents and students, class room instruction or summer camp integrated experiences.  An initial phone interview and on-site meeting accesses need and content is delivered based on the desired outcome.  Costs for schools, organizations and nonprofit groups vary.  Sessions range from $195 to $495.  Fee includes travel up to 75 miles.  

* Curriculum from The American School of Protocol, Atlanta, Georgia. 


School educators and PTA groups are encouraged to seek out local sponsors.  Programs that encourage soft skills such as manners, respect, caring courtesy, and awareness of others offer great exposure for sponsors.  Partnering sponsors can receive exposure through signage, media coverage, and logo recognition.  Call Diane Massey, Director & Founder, to set up a complimentary conference call with your group to review your needs and explore funding opportunities.  

                Diane Massey, Director & Founder, 845-325-2247 or diane