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Today Etiquette has an array of implications not only in our professional careers but in our personal lives as well.  The what, when, how, and why becomes more about doing the right thing than the fear of committing an ultimate faux pas!

Berkshire School of Etiquette’s one day of training was jam packed with instruction, guidance, demonstration, and hands on activities that our team was able to incorporate immediately.   Diane delivered content within the timeframe allotted and was able to manage time efficiently even when faced with a few technical issues and unexpected challenges.

I believe the greatest surprise from the session was that no matter how well refined one thinks they are, there is always something new to learn.  Diane was able to provide guidance in such a way that no one felt embarrassed or inadequate for the things they did not know.

From basic introductions, icebreaking, business dress, and then to fine dining, we learned how to put our best foot forward as well as how to place our fork and knife when finished!  

The curriculum and teaching style was well received by all who participated and this truly was one of the highlights or our MSL 2018 event

Joan Zhang & Deb Swan

Individuals | Children

Thank you so much for the class and the opportunity to take part in it. The children learned SO much. The content was fantastic, age appropriate and they had great fun while learning.


Dear Ms. Massey,

Thank you for teaching me about etiquette. I enjoyed learning about how to be a hostess, how to set the table and how to dine. I am happy you came to teach us.


Thoroughly enjoyed your workshop on Networking. Learned so many tips to help me feel more comfortable in business situations and how to best represent my company.