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Etiquette for Young Adults 7th - 9th Grades

At this sensitive age group, boys and girls meet for the six-week lessons with their own gender group. If two sessions run simultaneously, boys and girls have the option of joining for the five-course dining out experience.

Young Men:  

Lessons:  Introductions, Social Skills, Thank You Notes, Clothing Class, Dining Skills, Phone Etiquette, Table Manners, Five-Course Dinner, Sportsmanship, and Parent-Student Wrap Up.

Incorporated into each lesson are life lessons including:  Self-Presentation, Communication, Presentation Skills, Making Impressions, Table Manners, Dining Etiquette, Shaking Hands, Rules of Introduction and a field trip to a men’s clothing store.  Rules for Casual, Business Casual and Formal Attire are introduced to Boys.

Young Ladies:

Lessons:  Proper Introductions, Posture, Thank-You Notes, Clothing Class, Dining Skills, Phone Etiquette, Set Your Place at the Table, Respect and Courtesy, Five-Course Dinner, and Parent-Student Wrap Up.

Incorporated into each lesson are life lessons including:  Meeting & Greeting, Self-Presentation, Communication, Beware of Bad Habits, Table Manners, Dining Skills, a field trip to a women’s clothing store. Shopping Tips, Situational Dressing is Introduced to Girls.

Etiquette for Young Adults

At this age level classes are co-ed.

10th – 12th Grades Boys & Girls

Advanced Classes incorporate enhanced discussion and roleplaying.  

Topics include: Proper Introductions, Confidence through Posture, Hair and Skin Care, Clothing Class, Communication and Self-Presentation, Speaking to Gain the Edge, Table Manners, Social Media Etiquette, Social and Networking Skills, Knowing the Table Setting, and Five-Course Meal.

Additional Lessons and Workshop Topics

Designing an Outfit, Planning a Party, Workout and Nutrition, Respect and Courtesy, Theatre Etiquette, Advanced Phone Etiquette, Thank-You Notes, Digital Age-Etiquette, Resume Presentation and Job Interviewing. 

*All Young Adult's Classes Involve a Dining Out Experience at an Upscale Restaurant.